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American Wild: A Memorial

Van Alen Institute Memorials for the Future Competition in collaboration with the National Park Service

Shelby Doyle
Justine Holzman
Forbes Lipschitz
Halina Steiner

The National Parks are a living memorial to a uniquely American idea of wilderness. In celebration of the National Parks Centennial, American Wild captures the majesty of the nation’s landscape and brings it to the Nation’s capital. Located in the L’Enfant Plaza Station, American Wild generates civic pride by connecting the distinctive architecture of the Washington, D.C.  Metro to the National Parks. Using ultra-high-definition video, recordings of each of the 59 National Parks are projection-mapped at full scale onto the coffered ceiling of L’Enfant Plaza Station, a central Metro station used by a majority of the ridership. The memorial lasts for 59 days – one day for each park. This timeline of the National Park Service’s 100-year history serves as a visual advocate for Service’s next 100 years. In so doing, American Wild serves not only as a steward of the National Park’s legacy but also a steward of its future.